True Ice Storm Confessions

Most of Work Barn is showing in Gulfport this week… where it is 70 degrees and sunny. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be there!

So as many of y’all may have realised by now, we live in the South. And the South has recently been pounded by winter weather. Or, at least what Atlanta considers to be ‘winter weather.’ My parents are from Chicago, so I learned to deal with driving in snow and ice pretty much as soon as there was enough for me to learn to deal with it. The rest of the city?

Yesterday we were treated to a lovely course of freezing rain followed by a temperature drop below freezing overnight, and there was a lot of concern about the roads freezing, so I actually spent the night in the barn apartment just to ensure that someone would be there in the morning. (As it turned out, the roads did freeze, but it wasn’t as bad as anyone was expecting – as is usual for Atlanta. There were, however, a few downed power lines.)

Since a lot of the horses are gone general barn work went pretty quickly today, and that left us time to walk to property. Luckily we only found a single broken fence board! There was a lot of this, though:


No permanent damage! Nonetheless, the windchill was at 19 degrees, and the ground was still a little iffy, so we decided not to turn the horses out. (Remember, these are Southern horses. They tend not to grow much coat, and most of them are body clipped anyway.) Instead, everyone got handwalked for 10-15 minutes.

This is Big O (not his real name) and he's a favourite of mine. Probably because he's so big.

This is Big O (not his real name) and he’s a favourite of mine. Probably because he’s so big.

I’m pretty sure I got sunburned. Honestly, I kind of enjoyed it, despite the blistering cold. (I know there are some of you out there laughing at me and my perception of cold… but I have literally no body fat and I am a born and raised Atlantan. This is one of the coldest days I’ve ever worked, with the one exception of a three-day night shoot back in November when the windchill was about 12 and during which I was wearing a dress. That was fun.) I kind of wish I had brought a book on tape to listen to while walking but I just turned on Spotify, stuck my phone in my pocket, and zoned out. It was pretty meditative, actually, and the walking did help to keep me a little bit warmer. We’re probably going to have to do it tomorrow, too.

Speaking of tomorrow, check out the weather forecast for the next couple of days:


I’ve actually dug my snow pants out of the closet because leggings plus long underwear plus jeans/hiking pants just aren’t doing it at this point. That and even more gloves and so on will hopefully do the trick.

I have no idea what the riding lesson situation is going to be tomorrow – they’re not expecting weather but it will be very cold – but I must admit it will be nice to get on the back of a horse again, whenever that may be.

Wish me luck battling the rest of the winter! I’ll be dreaming of spring…


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