A very late Q1 goals review/Q2 goals

I am the last person to do this. Almost a full month late. Hey, I’ve been busy! To refresh your memory, here is my original goals post. And I think I did pretty well!

    Accomplished! As you can see from my most recent lesson report, I am giving plenty of rein over fences! Is it the prettiest release? No. Is it an auto? No. But it’s a release, and it’s effective, and I am going to celebrate that!
  2. Start exercising
    Also done! …sort of. I’m choosing to consider all the work I do with my no-longer-so-new grooming/barn hand job to count as exercise. I have certainly built up some muscles in my arms!
  3. Post more without stirrups
    Okay, so I’m not going to be winning any awards for my ability to do this, but I have definitely improved! I can post without stirrups for longer than approximately five seconds now. I’m so glad I’ve been building up all this new strength!
  4. Be able to hold two-point for longer
    DONE! As I’ve mentioned recently, I’ve been doing lots of two-point in my lessons! Again, not going to be winning any awards, but so much better than I was in January.

I love crossing things off my list. You know what else I love? New goals lists.

2015 Q2 Short Term Goals
(April through June)

  1. Jump a full course at 2’9″-3′
    My most recent lesson was so exciting for me. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much even though it was just the one jump! But now that I know I can do it, and do it reasonably well, I want to continue on this jumping higher vein and work my way up to doing courses at that height. Even if they’re little baby courses. Six jumps still counts!
  2. Start lessoning twice a week whenever I am able
    This one was on my year-long goals list! I still have to work on the scheduling with this one, but I am now financially in a place where this is a reasonable and attainable goal. Obviously sometimes I will be out of town or busy or whatever, but I feel like over the past month or so my riding has been progressing SO much and I want to keep it that way!
  3. Groom at another show for work
    Why would I want to torture myself again, you ask? …Good question. No, I really do want to gain the experience! I learned so much at my first AA show and I want to keep the ball rolling.
  4. Begin to fine-tune my equitation, especially over fences
    I mentioned this in my last post, but although my equitation is certainly very serviceable, there are a few little things that still need to be improved. Hopefully now that my strength and endurance are up to par I can start working on the little, nitpicky things! (Also, it would be fun if I could eventually go do the adult medals… on my imaginary horse…)

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