Lesson Report 4/17 – Amanda Lee on Scooby

20150427_145448What a difference a few months can make!

The last time I rode Scooby was back in the end of January. He was a wiggly noodle baby who didn’t know how his legs worked and I was a one-month-back-in weakling who didn’t know how any of my body parts worked. Megan has been riding him all the time and he has grown up so much – he even did his first 3′ jumper class at a show this past weekend! I feel so proud. And me? Well, I also did my first(ish) 3′ jump last week, and my riding in general has just been going really well! Shall we compare?

Then: Could not two point for longer than ten seconds. Now: Can two point for a whole three minutes (WOW SUCH LONG), even on Scooby, who has so much wither there is basically no point in even trying.

Then: Never, ever got the approach and takeoff right to a trot fence. Now: Totally boss at trot fences, like, 85% of the time.

Then: Counting strides? What is this counting strides you speak of? Now: Always locks onto the distance five or six strides out.

Then: Didn’t release. Just didn’t. Now: Big, beautiful, mane-grabbing releases!

So, you know, all good things! There’s still plenty to work on, but overall, I’ve made some huge improvements. Yesterday’s lesson has continued the recent theme of more or less refining the basics. Everything is pretty simple but that allows me to focus more on the details. That means it’s not quite so interesting to to blog about – sorry readers! – but it is very good for me. In lieu of boring you with talk of how we built up a few small jumps into a very short, simple course, I’ll leave you with this video of our last jump of the day:

And he didn’t even look twice at the lawn mower that had been going next door all day! What a good pony. (I still need to work on that hunching, though…)


3 thoughts on “Lesson Report 4/17 – Amanda Lee on Scooby

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for posting. I just found your blog recently and have loved reading your updates. I’m 23 and just learning to ride and about horses and it’s so encouraging to read your posts.


  2. You look fantastic! And that horse is seriously so cute I just want to pet him and feed him cookies and brush him and braid his mane. He’s seriously causing a lot of emotions in me right now.


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