An Update

I recognise that that is the dumbest and least specific title in the world, but that’s what this post is. Also, I am very out of practice at writing blog posts.

Dear readers, a lot of things have happened since we have last spoken! And why is that? Well, it’s primarily because I haven’t been riding. And why is that? Well, that’s update #1: at the end of May, I quit my job. It was due to personal reasons, and while I loved my job working at the barn/grooming a lot, I unfortunately found myself in a place, mentally, where it was no longer realistic for me to stay there. (There may be further posts on this in the future.) Luckily this was never my only job, and I’ve been quite busy with other projects – still, there has definitely been an impact on my finances.

Which brings me to update #2: due to aforementioned budgetary restrictions as well as scheduling needs and various other small things, I have switched to a new barn! I’ve been riding here for about three weeks now and I’m very happy with it so far. New trainer, E, has been very helpful with my lessons in a very back-to-basics sort of way, which I appreciate as a perfectionist. The quality of care here is also outstanding! I’ve been able to come ride on my own time, free of charge, as well as participate in lessons. It’s a great arrangement and I’m super glad it worked out.


So, with that out of the way, let me introduce you to my new equine love: Meet F! (I will be referring to him by his initial, as he is not my horse, and I feel more comfortable privacy-wise doing so.) F is a six-year-old WB/TB whom E shows in the pre-greens, and he fits perfectly into the “goobery nerd gelding” stereotype. (Y’all, I will always pick mares over geldings, but derpy geldings are just too cute to refuse.) If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll already be acquainted with him – but one never turns down the chance to talk about their new favourite ponies. He’s a total cutie and he’s been teaching a lot about being a more decisive rider. I’ve talked about this before, and sometimes I have trouble with making the ride happen versus just pointing somewhere and letting it happen. F is good at his job and he is going over that jump no matter what – but he is still young and green, so I have to be sure that I am getting him there properly and being very, very clear with my aids! Despite the fact that I am not exactly great at riding him, I can definitely tell that I am getting better every single time, and he is learning to listen to me just as I am getting better at directing him.

The reason there haven’t really been lesson reports is that, well, I have only ridden him a few times, and the lessons have been relatively boring – but hopefully that will change soon! I am so happy to be back to riding regularly and I’m really enjoying riding this particular horse.

One final thing: we’d like to thank HorseClicks for featuring us as one of their Top 50 Horse Blogs!

Horseclicks Top 50 Horse BlogsWe’re so appreciative to HorseClicks for featuring us, especially among such great company! Check out the other blogs on the list, too – there’s some gems on there!


4 thoughts on “An Update

  1. And now you’re shopping obsessively. I’m one to talk though––my paycheck is already almost gone. In my defense, I had to set up utilities at my new place.


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