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Welcome to The Poor Amateur’s Almanac. Our name is a pun on Poor Richard’s Almanack, a yearly publication by Ben Franklin that you probably learned about in history class and then promptly forgot about. (We think it’s pretty clever.) Check it out!

We are best friends of the twins-separated-at-birth variety who met in the high school nurse’s office at age 14 and bonded over mutual illness and a shared love of horses. At this point, Amanda Lee had been riding since age 5 and Kelsey age 8. Both of us pursued the hunter/jumper and equitation disciplines. Amanda Lee competed at the occasional local show in her teens and Kelsey in IEA. We remained best friends throughout high school and supported each other whenever possible, even as we continued on to college separately (ironically in the same state, though it was not home!).

Now we are both back home to see where life takes us. Kelsey has retired from IHSA and IDA competition at Virginia Intermont College and, once VIC met its fate, Georgia Southern University. Amanda Lee pursued riding and her studies at Hollins University for a short time before ultimately deciding to forgo college. Currently, we both are riding (finally) at the same barn. Life as an amateur is strange and difficult without any financial backing from our respective families, so this means we work like dogs to get any chance to ride, and it is worth every bit of blood, sweat, and tears (and in Amanda Lee’s case, makeup). Follow us as we struggle to ride, compete, and write about our adventures! It’s sure to be a fun ride.

Grab mane, heels down, and don’t fall off! We don’t bounce like we used to.

Amanda, Kelsey, and Audio

Amanda Lee, Kelsey, and Audio

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