Blog Hop: Dealbreakers

So this is a super fun blog hop and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s responses! Shout out to Amanda for coming up with this one. And shout out to Olivia for blogging about it so I could read it and then read everyone’s responses. When I was a junior, hungry for saddle time, you could […]

Dawn of the First Day, 72 Years Remain

So I’ve worked at the new job for a week. I’ve been in my new apartment for almost two weeks! Florida grown-up life, I’m discovering that il coûte les yeux de la tête. Like why is everything so freaking expensive? Statesboro friends, take heed and love your low cost of living. I’m paying more than double […]

In (Late) Celebration of International Lesson Horse Day!

So, this is a day late, but some of us have finals to prepare for before blogging, unfortunately! I cannot say thank you enough for everyone’s continued support. It is incredibly humbling to see my blog post finding its way all over again, and I love how something like that–the idea of the average day […]

Wrapping Up the Year 2015

So do you guys remember when Amanda and I made those blog posts about goals for 2015? Hah. We didn’t. (In my defense, I had a broken ankle hindering me from accomplishing a lot of my goals.) I wish there was time for a last minute scurry to finish and accomplish, but let’s be real […]

Dear LIFE, I would like to cancel my subscription to “Adulthood.”

Guys, do you know how expensive it is to be an adult? I thought I knew, but clearly I don’t. Last year, I lived in an apartment where utilities were included. All I had to worry about was rent and overages. This year, my place has separate utilities. It’s super nice, don’t get me wrong, […]