In (Late) Celebration of International Lesson Horse Day!

So, this is a day late, but some of us have finals to prepare for before blogging, unfortunately! I cannot say thank you enough for everyone’s continued support. It is incredibly humbling to see my blog post finding its way all over again, and I love how something like that–the idea of the average day […]

Wrapping Up the Year 2015

So do you guys remember when Amanda and I made those blog posts about goals for 2015? Hah. We didn’t. (In my defense, I had a broken ankle hindering me from accomplishing a lot of my goals.) I wish there was time for a last minute scurry to finish and accomplish, but let’s be real […]

Dear LIFE, I would like to cancel my subscription to “Adulthood.”

Guys, do you know how expensive it is to be an adult? I thought I knew, but clearly I don’t. Last year, I lived in an apartment where utilities were included. All I had to worry about was rent and overages. This year, my place has separate utilities. It’s super nice, don’t get me wrong, […]