On Having to Make Tough Choices

If there is ever a struggle that equestrians know, it is the struggle of a financial sort. Honestly, horses may as well eat money with the copious amounts of cash they require. I don’t even own a horse, and I’m still too broke to even attempt the sport these days. Many of my friends are…lucky? fortunate? insane? enough […]

A Preview of the Long-Awaited Linguistics Project

First of all, everyone go yell at Amanda on her Twitter because she hasn’t posted in M.O.N.T.H.S. Maybe if she gets spammed enough, she could actually be inspired to post something. Secondly, I’ve got news coming soon. Again. I’m full of big announcements. But my report comes on Tuesday. And I’ll be sure to post […]

Update on Horses in the Classroom, Among Other Things

Hello, lovelies! I’ve been hard at work on my empirical study for my Linguistic Theory class. This class is killer, y’all. But I’m hoping to get back to the barn (read: actually afford it) once the semester is over. Stay tuned on that front. There is a chance. Hello summer of labor. Goodbye body fat! (And […]

Bringing Horses Into the Classroom

Well, I wish I could honestly bring a horse into an actual classroom. Actually… Maybe I don’t. Someone would have to clean up after it, and I muck plenty of stalls as it is. Plus everyone would try to pet it at once and scare the daylights out of it. IRRELEVANT. So as y’all know, […]

Dear LIFE, I would like to cancel my subscription to “Adulthood.”

Guys, do you know how expensive it is to be an adult? I thought I knew, but clearly I don’t. Last year, I lived in an apartment where utilities were included. All I had to worry about was rent and overages. This year, my place has separate utilities. It’s super nice, don’t get me wrong, […]