A Preview of the Long-Awaited Linguistics Project

First of all, everyone go yell at Amanda on her Twitter because she hasn’t posted in M.O.N.T.H.S. Maybe if she gets spammed enough, she could actually be inspired to post something.

Secondly, I’ve got news coming soon. Again. I’m full of big announcements.

But my report comes on Tuesday. And I’ll be sure to post the whole paper, along with my presentation, but for now, I’ll share a small snippet of things with you. This is a short video explaining some common idioms’ meanings! (The origins will be found in the report.)

Update on Horses in the Classroom, Among Other Things

Hello, lovelies!

I’ve been hard at work on my empirical study for my Linguistic Theory class. This class is killer, y’all.


Working hard. Hardly sleeping.

But I’m hoping to get back to the barn (read: actually afford it) once the semester is over. Stay tuned on that front. There is a chance. Hello summer of labor. Goodbye body fat! (And sleep. Goodbye sleep. Oh wait, I haven’t seen sleep since maybe December.)

In addition to that linguistics project, I’m also working on a study for my Writing Studies class. It is about communication between animals and humans, with my primary focus of course being on dogs and horses. Between the two projects, I’m going to be recording a loooooot of information. You can keep up with my other blog for the Writing Studies project here –> Yes, I do talk to my pets. That’s sort of a shameless plug, but also I could use the support on the project. Technically, I haven’t posted anything yet because I’m still pretty heavy in the research stage on that one due to its later due date. But soon, my dears, soon!

Frankly, I always get frantic like this towards the end of the semester. I pressure myself to perform well because I know I am capable of that. And then I burn myself out by working so much that by the time finals end, I’m pretty close to catatonic for at least forty-eight hours. (This year, I’m planning a road trip to Charleston post-finals to research for a book! Can you say fun?)

As always, your support and kind words always get me through. Amanda and I are so lucky to have each of y’all who follow us here on this blog. You have no idea how much your comments and likes and follows me to us. I never thought this blog would take off the way it has, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Be patient, loves. I’ll get back to the barn soon.


Bringing Horses Into the Classroom

Well, I wish I could honestly bring a horse into an actual classroom. Actually… Maybe I don’t. Someone would have to clean up after it, and I muck plenty of stalls as it is. Plus everyone would try to pet it at once and scare the daylights out of it. IRRELEVANT.

So as y’all know, I’m a Writing and Linguistics student at the greatest university in America (Hail Southern!), and this semester is my first––and probably last––linguistics class. It is fascinating stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not quite my cup of tea. Maybe I would appreciate it more if it wasn’t at 9:30 in the morning? Not a morning person unless it’s involving horses. Let’s be real.


“Dafuq is dis ish? Linguistics empirical study?!”

Our term project was quite open ended, and I decided to make it about ponies! I’m doing an empirical study on the history of equestrianese and how it has impacted history and continues to impact it today. I’ve already gotten some great information, so I’ll be very excited to pass it all along to y’all when I finish the project. It’s due in April, so you won’t have to wait too long! It’ll be full of technical terms, so I’ll also post the crowd-pleasing video in addition to the paper.

Think about it like this: how would society have developed if it weren’t for the horse? We would have taken a lot longer to have trade between cultures. Wars would have been completely different. America would have taken much longer to colonize. I could go on. Obviously, horses are important––but we already knew that!


Pony games were pretty intense when participants had no boots or shoes to wear!

I’m still fleshing it out a bit, as I’m just getting my teeth into the meat of the study. It’s absolutely wonderful! I’m getting down into Xenophon, so like I’m taking it way back. What’s been really fun is that I’m applying it all to modern times through the use of horse idioms.


This picture is relevant, I swear. (Because I strongly dislike Katy Perry.)

Here’s where you lovely people come in:

want to help a starving college student out? Send me a video, post it to Instagram, what have you, of you telling me what these idioms mean. Or send me your pony pictures and dressage pictures and such. Just… Pony stuff that I have permission to use. Don’t worry, I’ll credit each of y’all in the paper and the video for your participation! Just let me know if you’d like to help me out! I would be eternally grateful.

Pick your favorite(s) and tell me about them!

  • Chomping at the bit
  • Horse as a euphemism for heroin
  • Horsing around
  • Get off your high horse
  • Hoofing it
  • I’m so hungry I could eat a horse
  • Horse of a different color
  • Hold your horses
  • Dark horse
  • Beat a dead horse
  • Stubborn as a mule
  • By shank’s mare
  • Dog and pony show
  • Put someone out to pasture
  • Put the cart before the horse
  • I piaffe’d it! (Steven Colbert quote)


If I get ten readers to help me on this project, I will do Training Level A on foot. Seriously. No lie. I’ll have it filmed and everything.

Update on My “If I Had the Money” Discipline

So I sincerely hope y’all remember my previous post on the subject because I had fun writing it. School has been keeping me busy, as always. This degree business is a lot of work, and I think it would be easier if I enjoyed my current classes a little bit more. (Just getting the major core out of the way, three semesters before graduation! haha) But I’m still doing things to make myself smile: went out and visited the horses the other day, I’m a member of the creative writing club on campus, the dog could always use a walk, and recently I’ve joined an Intramural Archery Club!


That’s right, y’all. My dream of being able to accurately LARP Link from The Legend of Zelda is becoming a reality.


Look for me in the plaid! (Left center!)

I’m not the best yet, but I’m certainly not bad. I can pretty consistently score at least a four out of ten on each shot, so that’s something. My team name is Aim to Please, which our awesome captain came up with. Today was our first official match, and we may have lost, but it was good practice and technically we should have won the match, but that’s a whole different story. I’m just a little salty about it.

Feeling crafty, I made team jerseys… They were not the best ever, so I won’t be posting because it’s embarrassing. But they’re colorful and took me far too long to make.

So stay tuned on my archery adventures! Hopefully by the end of the season, the Justice League and the Avengers will be fighting over me.

Or you know, maybe I’ll hit a bulls-eye. That’d be cool too.

An Update on My Life

So I said I had big news, and I can now announce it! It’s actually a lot of news. I’m quite excited to tell y’all! Cue the drumroll.


In which this drumroll is my attempt at life most days

Remember how I have posted maybe like one actual riding update lately? Yeah… That broke college life ain’t for me. Utilities add up. Commuting adds up. Feeding myself, poorly for that matter, adds up. In addition to my severe lack of money, my health is not quite where it should be. Plus, I’ve got grad school on the horizon.

Starting after finals in May, I’ll be back up in Atlanta to finish my bachelor’s (mostly) online. Summer classes will be exclusively online, as well as my final semester. I’ll be taking one transient semester as well at a nearby state university, where a couple of my friends go. Instead of diverting some of my college savings to rent, all of it can be dedicated to tuition.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Statesboro. It’s so pretty. But it is lacking in the medical care I need to survive. Not to mention, for a cheap city, it is expensive to live there. It’ll be hard to adjust to living back under Mom and Dad’s roof again, but I’ve done it before. This time around, though, I’ve got some more structure in my life. Things seem less uncertain.


AKC Name suggestions welcome!

Some more exciting news: Remington (my dog, for those who aren’t aware) and I will begin training to compete in rally obedience competitions. First we have to continue to brush up on obedience skills to train for the higher level tests we are expected to know. But we have some great friends to help us prepare down in the Boro, along with a great trainer back in Atlanta that we can start with


Ch. Holther’s Gold Mine CDX FDCH





And the most exciting news yet… I’ll be leasing a horse when I move back up here! I’m going to go play in dressage land for a while with my friend (and first roommate) Eliza on her old show horse Boo! Eliza has taken Boo successfully through Third Level dressage, so he will be a great teacher for me. I’m really excited to learn because dressage has been on my mind for a long time. I am truly excited to fill in those gaps in my flatwork education. I can read a jump very accurately and I’m pretty reliable on a distance. But as far as flatting and encouraging a horse to use its body properly, I have next to no clue how to do that. My trainer at school, Courtney, really helped me see just how much of that education I was missing. So this solitary focus on flatwork will really help. (Plus, if I really feel the need to jump, I’ve got connections to other trainers to go ride a lesson over fences, especially with Megan!)

So yeah. I’m uprooting my life. Again. I’m such a shifty creature. Hopefully one day, I’ll learn to sit still. I’m so grateful for the continued support from my parents, my trainers, my friends, and my animals as I schlep myself all over the state of Georgia. And I want to say thank you to all of y’all for sticking with me through all the craziness I subject myself (and y’all) to. I cannot wait to get back to repeated updates and tell everyone about my adventures in horse dancing (she says jokingly). Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much.


Am I doing it right?

Also, if anyone has any words of advice for starting in dressage, PLEASE let me know.